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Terms of Service

Jessica Long, owner and provider at Ammonite Coaching & Consulting, is not a licensed counselor or mental health professional. Advice provided in coaching sessions is only a recommendation and actions inspired by that advice are the sole responsibility of the coaching client, as are any results of those actions.


Retainer plans include a maximum number of live and asynchronous hours, but no minimum usage requirement. Use of the hours included in retainer plans is subject to client scheduling and need. Retainer hours do not roll over from month to month. Consultant will work with clients to ensure they get maximum value from their retainer plan within the monthly and weekly time allowances. In some circumstances retainer hours may be carried over on a case by case basis and only with prior written agreement between client and consultant. 


If at any time a coach determines that a client needs or is asking for mental health, financial, or other specialized support that falls outside the bounds of my coach's professional training and licensure, they may request to avoid certain topics or pause coaching sessions altogether until those needs are being addressed elsewhere. Pre-paid coaching sessions will remain as credits on your account with Ammonite until coaching resumes.

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