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My Path

Why am I so passionate about making business and career success more accessible for folks on a 'different' path? These two photos tell the story in a nutshell.


This is me at 15 years old. I was homeless. My family had been deeply and constantly impacted by poverty, domestic violence, addiction, and unmanaged mental illness for most of my life. 

su canada.jpg

This is me at 41 years old. I was presenting to an audience of executives from Canada's top companies and government agencies, teaching them new ways to lead their organizations.

How did I beat the odds?








The point is, I didn't do it on my own and I didn't follow a linear or expected path.

But I did become a business leader and expert with a deep commitment to sharing what I've learned with others who are doing things differently.

My business experience has given me access to a whole toolbox of strategic and practical knowledge that makes an MBA seem basic. And my life experience has made me eager to apply and adapt my expertise to help people run successful organizations in ways that actually work for them and their teams.

My Mission

I'm focused on making the tools, skills, and mindsets of mainstream business more accessible for people and organizations who are on a not-so-mainstream path.

I'm specifically committed to adapting business logic and advice in ways that prioritize the wellbeing and success of people in the following 'categories', many of which also include me and my family:

People with disabilities


GLBTQIA+ folks

Single parents

Neurodiverse folks

People without college degrees

Immigrants and refugees

Survivors of the prison-industrial complex

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