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Business Smarts for Hire

Upgrade your business with the skills and expertise of multiple high-value roles, at a lower cost than hiring one part-time employee!


What does the Business Smarts for Hire service include?
Every month you will have access to:


hours of live time to work together on your business


hours of my solo time focused on your business


chat via Slack with a promised response time of 2 weekdays

What will we do with the time?

Live time

Our live time together will usually be in weekly or monthly meetings with you and up to three of your colleagues. You can use this time to: * Talk through complex, overwhelming, or opaque situations to find clarity about how you want to respond * Get coaching on best practices for strategic or high-impact leadership responsibilities (communications, policy creation, conflict resolution, etc.) * Talk through a business concept or practice you want to understand better so you can apply it with confidence * Get feedback on new ideas and ongoing projects you've been working on  * Clarify next actions, set goals, and prioritize the things that are on your to-do list Occasionally we will want to spend a half or whole day together focused on getting a lot handled all at once. This is a better setup for: * Defining or redesigning strategy for products, services, and marketing * Creating a business plan or operating agreement * Brainstorming solutions for emerging practical needs such as raising funds, addressing capacity issues, or forming new partnerships * Setting up new business systems, processes, and other infrastructure * Skillshares on getting the most from digital tools, financial forecasting, business model design, partnership development, and dozens of other capabilities you could benefit from having 'in-house' without hiring new humans

Solo time

Every month I'll spend up to 3 hours working independently on tasks for your business. These are usually the kinds of things that would be done by you or someone on your team, but for various reasons you could really use my hands-on support with. * Editorial comments and suggestions on business documents, public-facing content, and communications * Researching relevant business topics, market conditions, competitors, or customer needs * Reviewing emails, documents, and other items so I have context for upcoming discussions or decisions

What is the value of "unlimited Slack messages"?

Slack is a communication app for teams and communities. It has free and paid versions, and is widely used and loved by many organizations. 


If your team is already using Slack, or is interested in starting a Slack workspace, you can invite me to it and I will benevolently lurk to stay current on what you're talking about between our meetings. 

If you don't want to use Slack for other stuff, I will create a chat channel in my workspace for us to use.


My commitment to you is to respond to direct messages or ones I'm tagged in within two business days (Mon-Fri) and in reality I usually respond pretty quickly.

I've found this is a great way to keep our live time high-value and effective, without having to spend a lot of time catching up and setting context.


Plus I love cheerleading in my clients' channels when it seems like folks need some encouragement... or when I see them kicking ass on their goals!

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